Summer Online Tech Camp for Kids

Posted by Vazi Okhandiar on

NR Computer Learning Center offers Online Technology Camp for kids (Ages: 8+) and Teen during the summer.

Fundamentals of Computer - Students will gain the knowledge and skills required to identify parts of the computer, including a microprocessor, motherboard, flash drive, hard disk, memory, keyboard, mouse, and input/output devices. Students will also build a computer from scratch! They will learn how to put different parts together, how they work, and how to use free software to work with images, sound, and text. This is an introductory course for students interested in building a computer, understanding how computers work, or wanting to learn to develop games.

Robotics with Lego Mindstorms - In this hands-on course, students will learn to build and program (using box programming) real-life simple robotic actions with programmable NXT motor (created at the MIT Media Lab) and robotic sensors: ultrasonic, sound, light, and touch. Students will work in a team of 2-3 members.

Video Editing & Special Effects – This hands-on course introduces students to use Microsoft’s Movie Maker to edit a digital movie, add background sound and music, add special effects and text, cut unwanted movie clips, merge different movie clips and add pictures. The students will also learn to use Audacity (developed at Carnegie Mellon University) to edit sound and YouTube to share their movies with friends and family. 

Create 2D Games using Scratch - This hands-on course is designed for students wanting to learn the basic elements of creating a 2D Game using Scratch software developed at MIT Media Lab. The students will learn to create a 2D Game that includes sprites, images, sounds, music, and objects. It is an excellent introductory course for developing animation and game programming using scratch. 

Website Design & Development with WordPress - Students will learn to use WordPress to develop and manage their online portfolios. Students will learn to customize the Website, add pictures, text, video, organize and manage content, and use HTML to edit the pages. This is an excellent introductory course for students interested in website design & development, wanting to develop a blog site or build their online portfolio. Prereq: Fundamentals of Computer or equivalent.